Best 6 Person Tent: Reviewed and Recommended

There is no greater adventure than being out in the wilderness, under the stars, with a group of friends or family. The most important piece of kit you will be using is your tent and getting the best tent can be the difference between an amazing holiday and a real nightmare. The best 6 person tent will not only enhance your camping experience but offer you a comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep.

At Cool Wilderness, we have compiled the best 6 man tents on the market which offer comfort, style, and great value for money.

So let’s dive in!

Best 6 Person Tent at a Glance

This tent is an ideal buy for those looking for a versatile tent which can be used all year round. The extended porch is a great addition which offers extra space (up to 4 camping chairs) whist the steel poles means this tent is super strong. Coleman is a world-class tent manufacturer and they are built to last. If looked after, this tent could last years or even decades.

  • Super easy to set up.
  • Polyguard material made to last season after season. 
  • Porch area is a great place to sit on an evening. 
  • The back mesh fabric can let in the cold air of an evening. This can be resolved easily by covering with a thicker fabric. 

A superb tent which is excellent value for money. The dark room technology really sets this tent apart from its competitors. Not only does it block out 90% of sunlight but it offers great privacy. This 6 person tent is an excellent choice for those who are looking for added comfort and easy use-ability.

  • Super easy to set up.
  • Dark room technology blocks 90% of sunlight
  • Smart design gives 20% more headroom than traditional dome tents. 
  • This tent is not best suited to coping with high-winds.

Coming with a one year manufacturers guarantee, this tent is built to last. The ventilation is second to none and the clever design gives extra protection from the elements.

To top it off, this this 6 man tent is reasonably priced and will exceed expectations year after year. 

  • Loads of room inside the tent.
  • It comes with an inspect-free porch area which is great for extra storage space. 
  •  WeatherTec design give extra protection from the rain. 
  • The set up is not as beginner friendly as other products in this review. 

This tent is super easy to set up and has clever storage space built into the design of the interior of the tent. There is loads of headroom and most people will be able to stand up straight with room to spare. With a combination of combines comfort and ease of use this tent offers a great base from which you can enjoy a relaxing weekend camping – regardless of the weather. 

  • High ceiling giving great headroom.
  • Built in storage compartment.
  • Can be pitched in 60 seconds. 
  • Great design adds stability and strength. 
  • Not the most ascetically pleasing tent. 
  • Zippers can become stuck when in use. 

This tent is the perfect choice if you value comfort over all things. Whilst the price may be prohibitive to some, if you are after the ultimate camping experience then look no further. The 100% cotton material gives great insulation and will offer great protection from the weather all year round. It also features a stove jack opening so you can use a portable wood burning stove inside the tent. Another cool feature is the zip-away floor that transforms your tent into a canopy for outdoor events. 

  • Zip away floor is an amazing feature which can be used at festivals, weddings and outdoor events.
  • The design, sturdiness and materials make this the ultimate ‘glamping’ tent.  
  •  Tent materials are heavy so this would not be ideal if you are moving from one place to another.
  • The price is high for those looking to camp on the budget   

The Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent is great for car camping and extended camping trips. It has a separate floor-less screened room that offers extra ventilation on warm days, protected storage, and a bug-free place for meals. The WeatherTec system features welded corners and inverted zips for extra protection from the rain and wind. There are useful pockets built into the tent fabric which offers extra room for good and valuables. 

  • Separate room offers storage space and a place to eat. 
  • Strong zippers which do not get caught or stuck. 
  • Instructions are not easy to follow. 
  • Not a beginner friendly tent set up.  

How to Make Your 6 Person Tent Last

Making a tent last can save you money, time and effort. Below are a few top tips which should keep your tent in top shape for your next trip.

  • When packing away your tent make sure it is folded, clean and dry. This is important to prevent small tears in the fabric and to prevent mold growing on the tent fabric. Usually, (and I must admit I am guilty of doing this) on the last day of camping you are in a rush to put down your tent and to vacate the campsite. If you can’t hang around to let your tent dry a top tip is to pack away your tent, leave the tent bag open and then to unpack it once home (make sure you do this straight away). This will allow the tent to dry off.
  • Make sure you use the right tent for the conditions. So, this is a little bit of planning but your pop-up tent will probably not last very long if faced with gale-force winds and side-ways rain. Knowing the limitations of what your tent can withstand will not only help make your tent last longer, but will also help you get a great night’s sleep when out camping.

What features to look for in the best 6 person tent


Camping is one of the greatest outdoor pursuits. No question. But, it often comes with changing weather and unusual conditions. Whether that be rain, wind or the blazing sun you need a versatile tent which is durable and will not be bust after its first outing. Buying a durable, long-lasting tent is a smart purchase which could save you lots of money in the long run. The key to durability is the fabric style and the pole materials. This will help you understand what your tent can and cannot do. 

There are three types of poles: Metal, Carbon-glass and Inflatable. 

Metal Pole

These are usually found in large/family tents. Metal poles offer increased stability and help take the weight of larger tents. They are not as flexible as carbon-glass and can sometimes bend or, even worse, rip through the tent material. However, this can be avoided by ensuring all the metal poles are well connected and any sharp edges are covered (tape is ideal for this). Another thing to bear in mind with steel poles is that they are heavier than the other options. This could be problematic if you are carrying your tent as part of an expedition or hike. Nevertheless, if you are after a 6 man tent and are camping with a large group the steel frame should be a great option which provides stability and comfort for your 6 person tent.


These are the most common poles found in tents. They offer great flexibility because they are split into small pieces and are held together with elastic. The poles are split into sections they can be folded into small pieces and are often lightweight so are perfect for pitch and hike trips. One (rare) issue which I have encountered with these poles is that they can snap if put under too much pressure. This could be because of extremely high winds or being pitched badly. In 20 years of camping this has only happened to me twice and I must confess that, on both occasions, this could have been avoided if I have spent an extra 5 minutes pitching the tent better. A great tip is to keep hold of spare carbon-glass sections (you usually get spares with the tent)  because these can be used to replace any broken links. 


Inflatable tents are a new product which has just been brought to market. These tents do not come with any poles. Instead of poles, you have beams or sleeves which can be inflated with a foot/hand pump. I must confess I have not used or seen any of these tents in action but from speaking to others who have they noted how easy and quick the tent was to pitch.


When it comes to picking the right size tent you should be looking for the ‘berth’ of the tent. If you are looking for a 6 person tent, this means you are looking for a 6 berth tent. Basically, this is how many men lying on their backs should fit into the inside pocket of the tent. A key thing to remember is that the size of the tent you need is not just based on the number of people who are going on the trip. You need to consider whether you need extra space for bags, cooking equipment, shoes. A top tip if you need extra space is to look for tents with a porch which can double up as extra storage. If you are travelling with 6 people and lots of luggage it may be worth looking at an 8 person tent. 

Material choice

From 20 years of camping experience, I can honestly say the most important aspect of buying a tent is the quality of the material used. This can be the difference between waking up with wet socks in a sauna like ‘tent-over’ or in a refreshed, ‘ready to seize the day’ way. There are a few different materials which are used to make tents and they all have positive and negative points. You will need to decide which one is the most suitable for your needs. 

  • Man-made Polyester or Nylon fabric: These are the most common fabrics used in new tents. They are great because they are lightweight, cheap and dry out easily. The problem is these fabrics are not natural insulators which means they can become very hot or very cold depending on the weather. Another issue is that they are less breathable so condensation can build up inside the tent. However, these problems should not detract from the reality that most modern tent manufacturers have found ways to mitigate these and the quality of this fabric is a great choice when picking a tent. 
  • Cotton or Canvas Fabric: These fabrics are great insulators and are extremely breathable. This material is also long lasting and offers great protection from UV rays and heavy winds. The biggest issues with this material is that it is very heavy and bulky which can cause transportation issues. Having carried one of these tents up a mountain I would not recommend this fabric if you are going to be moving around alot and carrying your equipment on your back. This material involves greater maintenance due to water absorption and is typically more expensive than the Polyester or Nylon fabrics. Despite this, if you are after a durable, long lasting and comfortable tent these fabrics are most certainly a good choice. 

So, what is the best material for me?

If you are after a family tent which is going to be pitched in once place for the duration of your trip I would be choosing the cotton or canvas fabric. This will give you great insulation so you are warm at night and cool in the morning whilst being breathable. So for family holiday tents, if you can afford, transport, and pitch it, go for canvas, cotton, or poly-cotton is my recommendation.

However, if you are after something for weekend trips (especially hiking ones) then the Polyester/Nylon fabric is the right choice for you. You will be buying a low-maintenance, lightweight tent which is easy to transport. 

If you are put off by the price of the Cotton/Canvas tents then a top tip is to open vents, windows (if applicable) or leave the door slightly open to ensure there is a draft which should help prevent condensation and will improve the temperature control in your tent. This would help your 6 person tent from becoming too hot on a morning or too cold on an evening.

Also, make sure you check whether your campsite has an electrical hook up – if it does, you can always take a tent heater, a tent humidifier or a tent air conditioning unit.


Picking the right tent is one of the most important decisions to make when planning a camping trip. Fortunately, Whether you are after comfort, style or ease of use – we have a tent for everyone. 

Our top pick is the Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent with Screen Room. This tent is spacious and with its clever design really utilises all the space it has to offer. Add into this the great price and ease of use, this tent is a winner when it comes to making the most of your outdoor experience. We would recommend getting some camping chairs for the porch area which be a great place to sit on an evening. 

Coleman is one of the top tent manufacturing brands and they build their tents to last. This tent will not only give you a great one off experience but will last from season to season, year to year and even decade to decade. 

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