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For a day of adventure whilst on a family camping trip, a full, delicious breakfast is needed to kickstart the day, and a nice big dinner at the end of the day, to replenish your energy stores. There is no reason why with the best camping grill stove combo you can’t be cooking the same, if not better meals than you can cook at home. 

There are many options to sift through online, so many that you’ll soon end up stuck on what to choose. 

That’s exactly why we have created this post to simplify your choices, provide our own opinions and reasoning behind our top picks and help you decide on the best camping grill stove combo for your next camping trip. 

Let’s begin! 

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What is a camping stove & grill combo?

It’s common to find camping stoves that feature either only a grill or only stove burners. Whilst they can be a good choice, they don’t allow you to use both a grill and stove at the same time.

What if you want to heat up your beans in a pan whilst your sausages and bacon are frying on the grill? Or how will you boil some potatoes whilst you are frying a steak? 

The best camping stove grill combo can solve this issue, and give you a wider range of cooking ability and meals you can cook whilst camping with the family – after all, we’re sure there will be some hungry mouths to feed after a long day of outdoor activities. 

A camping stove and grill combo will feature two or more burners. One will have a griddle plate, or grill and the other a stove area used for pans. 

We know that what you can fry on a grill, you can usually fry in a pan. But a griddle plate or grill will heat up faster, they’re easier to clean and will produce that grill-like taste you can’t achieve on a frying pan. And another bonus, is that you don’t have to carry a frying pan to camp with you. One less item to clean, one less item to carry. 

Coleman Camp Propane Grill Stove Combo

Ease of Use


Heat Output




Temperature Control


Product Summary

Our top pick for the best camping grill and stove combo goes to this Coleman product. Whilst it may not be the biggest grill/stove you can get, it’s large enough for a couple or small family, and portable enough to take along on any camping trips that require some hiking and walking to camp.

This stove is very easy to use, with a single push-button ignition to get things started. As well as this, it’s easy to clean, with a built-in, removable grease management tray. 

If you plan on camping in windy conditions, this stove could be a great option, thanks to the wind-blocker panels and ‘Perfect Flow’ technology that helps to improve the total heat output in extreme conditions. 

The overall cooking area is a spacious 120 square inches, allowing you to fit items on the grill and a 10″ pan on the stove area. 

Our Take

Overall, this is a great camping stove and grill that is produced from high-quality materials, that will last you a long time. Whilst it may not be the biggest, or feature as many ‘bells & whistles’ as other options. For most people, this is all they need, and it can be easy to over-complicate all of our camping gear. 

In our opinion, keeping things simple and lightweight with one stove and grill section is the best way to go. 


coleman folding camping stove and grill
coleman camping stove grill combo

Key Features

  • 2-in-1 design so you can use the grill and stove at the same time
  • Wind Block™ panels help shield burners from wind or fold down for use as side tables
  • Instastart™ ignition for push-button, matchless lighting
  • PerfectFlow™ technology provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions
  • PerfectHeat™ technology for more efficient cooking with less fuel
  • 2 independently adjustable burners give you precise control for 2 temperature zones
  • Aluminized steel cooktop for durable rust-resistance

Stansport Outfitter Series Propane Camp Stove Grill

Ease of Use


Heat Output




Temperature Control


Product Summary

The next best camping stove and grill on our list is produced by Stansport, who have a very long line of high-quality camping and outdoors gear.

The outfitter series of stoves include features to increase performance and durability for those who are feeding a family or groups of people outdoors. This particular stove model has three burners which allow for cooking on two-oversized stove top burners and a central grill. Each burner has a very impressive 25,000 B.T.U of cooking power. 

There is no need to use a lighter or matches to light the stove, as it includes an electronic ignition. Cleaning the Stansport Outfitter is easy, thanks to the removable stainless steel drip pan, that catches all oil and grease whilst cooking. 

Our Take

If you are camping with a family, or more than 2-people then the 3-burner stove and grill will come in particularly useful whilst cooking your meals. The outfitter stove is lightweight, and simple to use. It can be easily carried to and from camp, although we wouldn’t recommend a stove like this if you are hiking a long-distance or backpacking. Another feature of the stove we really like is the side wind protectors, and that it comes with a high altitude pressure regulator for your gas bottle. 

Stansport outfitter stove and grill for camping

Key Features

  • Two oversized 25,000 B.T.U. stainless steel burners with individual windscreens and one 5,500 B.T.U. center griddle burner
  • Extra heavy-duty cooking grate
  • Piezo electronic ignition requires no matches or lighter
  • Oversized steel frame
  • High altitude pressure regulator
  • Includes a stainless steel drip pan
  • 12.75″ L x 23″ W x 4.3″ H

PUPZO Portable Propane Grill Stove For Camping

Ease of Use


Heat Output




Temperature Control


Product Summary

This particular camping grill stove combo stands out from the rest as it is highly raised off the ground via 4 legs. Whilst this does make it slightly heavier and less portable, it does make cooking easier, as you can stand up and keep your food more elevated from the floor. 

With both the grill and stove area there is 170 square inches of available cooking space, and room enough to fit a 12-inch cooking pan on the stove. This should be more than enough cooking space for the average family. 

The outer casing of the grill box has been constructed with durability in mind as it’s likely to get thrown in your trunk with the rest of your camping gear. And the grill grates are made from durable cast-iron (although heavy, they will last many years). 

The whole unit has been powder-coated for added protection from the elements and corossion. 

Our Take

If weight and size isn’t such an issue for you, and you want to maximize your cooking area, then this could be a great option for you. The detachable legs are great for cooking at a height of 26 inches, and they offer great stability on uneven terrain. We like that it has wind blockers on the side, which can be easily adjusted to further maximize the cooking area if you have a large pan. The kit also inclides a 30 inch propane hose and regulator. 

If you want to go camping, but don’t want to give up on the luxury of feeling as if you are cooking on your home BBQ with large grill space then this camping stove and grill combo will be more than sufficient at getting the job done. 

Pupzo propane best camping stove grill combo

Key Features

  • Easy to transport, set up, and clean.
  • Two burner design, one grill, one stove burner. 
  • 30-in high-pressure propane hose and adapter.
  • Weighs 20 pounds.
  • Wind Block panels help shield burners from wind.
  • Large cooking area.

Best Camping Stove Grill Combo - Buyers Guide

BTU (Heating Output)

A BTU or British Thermal Unit is a measure of heat. It is defined as the amount of heat required to heat raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit.

It’s commonly thought that higher ratings for BTU’s mean that you can cook your food quicker, but this isn’t always the case as other factors such as the design of the burners, the wind protection, and material choices can cause lower BTU burners to transfer heat more efficiently. 

It’s still worth comparing the BTU stats, but if they are fairly close to each other, it shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor between one camping stove/grill and another. 

Number of stove burners

All of the choices on our list include a griddle plate, grill or room to attach a grill. What might differ slightly between products is the number of stove burners. Most will have at least 1. If you plan on cooking larger meals which might require heating two pans at once, then you might want to consider investing in a camping stove grill combo with at least 2 stove burners. 

graph comparing the number of stove burners for the camping grills

Grilling Area

Choosing your ideal cooking space can be difficult, as you aren’t always sure what you’ll be cooking now and in the future. If grilling is more important to you, then opt for a larger grill area, or if boiling water, and using frying pans is more important, then look for bigger stove areas. 

Total grill area on best camp stove


Whilst the durability of your camping stove grill might not be at the forefront of your mind, or at least more important than cooking ability and ease of use, it should be. We have reviewed and tested numerous camping stoves throughout the years, only to realize they start to corrode due to heat damage or poor material choices, crack when accidentally dropped from small heights and get loose components, such as the gas fittings and ignition switch. 

You have to assume that the stove will be packed away with other heavy camping gear and placed upon rough terrain and rocks. 

You also want your pan holder to produced from high-quality materials like Stainless Steel or Cast Iron. As they are durable and clean easily. 

The outer casing can be plastic, powder-coated steel, or Aluminum. All are good choices, plastic being the lightest but least durable, Aluminum is the most corrosion-resistant, and powder-coated steel sheets being the most durable, but will corrode if the outer paint layer is scratched or damaged. 

Fuel Source

There are a few different fuel sources that you can choose for your camping stoves. The choices on our list all use propane, as it’s the most widely accessible, and can be purchased in smaller bottles from most camping stores, grocery stores, and gas stations. Propane also tends to work better than butane at lower temperatures. 

Some camping grill stove combos will use isobutane and propane blends, which are also commonly found and will be suitable. 

If you are wondering how many bottles you will need, if you are camping over a weekend period, we would always recommend packing 2-3 of the smaller 16-ounce gas bottles.

Whilst you might get by using one bottle, on some of the higher power stoves you could burn through a whole bottle in one day if you cook a lot and the last thing you want is to run out of gas! Luckily they are small and pack away into a backpack easily. 

Another fuel source option is white gas or white liquid fuel. It’s the best fuel choice when you are camping in extreme or low-temperature conditions, this is because it still burns hot in sub-zero temperatures. 

White gas is, however, more expensive and not compatible with common camping stoves. There aren’t any performance benefits over propane in mild conditions, so for most ordinary camping folk, propane is the best option. 

Final Words

Choosing the best camping grill stove combo will make cooking for the whole family much easier on your next adventure away. If there is one thing (aside from awesome activities!) that can make a camping trip memorable, it’s lot’s of tasty, wholesome food throughout the day. 

A high-quality stove will allow you to cook meals, that you would only expect to be able to cook at home – there is no reason why you should sacrifice this on your camping trip! The best camping grill stove combo will feature both a stove burner, and a grill to make cooking easier and quicker. It will also be made from high quality materials, feature a decent amount of cooking space and be portable enough to be carried to camp. 

We truly hope that this post has helped you choose the best camping grill stove combo, and gave you some insight into the different features and materials you should check before purchasing. 

Happy camping! 


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