Best Hiking Hat For Hot Weather: The 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Being outdoors on a lovely summers’ day is a great experience. Furthermore, a good hike on a hot day is something we all enjoy. One potential problem which can block this enjoyment is not having suitable clothing. Furthermore, we all know how quickly the weather can change. That is why everyone should be set with the best hiking hat for hot weather.

A hiking hat for hot weather offers the first line of protection against the sun. It doesn’t just protect your head from the sun but can help regulate your temperature and prevent dehydration.

Given the importance of protecting your head the best hiking hat is one of the most important pieces of kit, you will carry with you on your day out. Even in cooler weather, or even rain, the ideal hiking hat will offer great versatility and will protect from UV rays and can keep you dry from the rain.

There is an abundance of science which points to the importance of having a hiking hat for hot weather, but the truth is that it is common sense. That being said, there is a difference between knowing this fact and finding the best hiking hat for hot weather. That is why we have put together this blog. We will guide you on what to look for in the ideal hiking hat before reviewing some of our favourites.

The Brim Width and Shape

We would advise that you look for a hiking hat with a brim width which is at least 2.75” wide. Any less and the brim will not offer full protection from the sun. Be careful though, if you buy a hiking hat which has a larger brim width it may obscure your view which is not ideal when trekking on rough or rocky terrain. Another key aspect of the brim is to ensure it has firmly woven fibres which are opaque. This will offer maximum protection from the sun.

The best hiking hat for hot weather will sit nearer the face area and curve downwards. This will cover more of the face and protect from UV rays. The curve will also provide some protection from UV rays which bounce of shiny surfaces or snow.

Colour and Material

The most effective hiking hat for hot weather will have a white top which will reflect heat from the sun. You should keep in mind that any kind of off-white shades like beige or khaki are top choices and are less complicated to clean in comparison than plain white. The inside, or below, the material of the hat (this being on the underneath of the brim) should be a dark color. This will offer some protection by absorbing rays which are reflected of surfaces and target towards the face.

When picking the best hiking hat for hot weather you should be looking for breathable and lightweight material. Ideally, this will also be moisture wicking. This will help reduce perspiration and give the hat a comfortable feel. A breathable hiking hat will have great ventilation. This can be achieved by having a thin layer mesh on the inside of the hat. Another consideration when looking at the material is whether you wish to choose one which machine washable. This can be handy because many of the best hiking hats for hot weather are white (or another light shaded color). This is great because it reflects the sun, but it does mean that it will need extra maintenance because it will get dirty and show stains quite easily. This will reduce the effectiveness of the hat. Many manufactures produce their hats to be machine washable as standard. Just bear in mind that over-washing can fade the color and weaken the fabric which reduces the overall efficiency of the hat. A great material to consider is nylon. This is cheaper and can last longer than some of the more traditional (straw hat comes to mind) material.


The best hiking hat for hot weather should be a long-term companion which joins you on your adventures year after year. That being said, the sturdiness of the hat will depend on how you use it. Make sure you pick the right hat for the activity you are undertaking.

Best Hiking Hat For Hot Weather - All The Details

Conclusion: Best Hiking Hat for Hot Weather

Finding the perfect hiking hat for hot weather should not be a difficult task. If you look out for the key features we have discussed you can’t go wrong. You need to ensure that the hat is well ventilated and has a high UPV rating so that it provides great protection from the sun.  

All of the hats we have reviewed are great choices and will keep you cool and comfortable whilst undertaking outdoor activities. 

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