Best Hiking Underwear: Our Top Picks Reviewed [2020]

Hiking boots – check! Backpack – check! Waterproof – check! Best Hiking Underwear – what?

Underwear is one of the most underrated pieces of hiking equipment. We all spend a lot of money on backpacks, shoes and tents but have probably never considered buying specialist underwear for a day out on the hiking trail. However, as a piece of clothing which is in direct contact with sensitive skin this part of your hiking apparel is one of the most important. As a result, we think that it is not a good idea to look for shortcuts or cheap options. Instead, you should be choosing the best hiking underwear on offer.

The best hiking underwear will offer comfort and improved performance by preventing chafing and minimising rubbing. For longer trips, you can buy anti-microbial hiking underwear which will help you pack lighter and smell better.

The best hiking underwear should be comfortable, breathable and quick-drying. We have created a list of our best hiking underwear choices and reviewed them to make your buying decision quick and simple.
So, let’s get going!

This section contains options for men

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Best Hiking Underwear - at a glance

Best Hiking Underwear - in detail

Buying the Best Hiking Underwear - what is important?


The main purpose of hiking underwear is to provide comfort and support for whoever is wearing them. Therefore, it needs to be made of a material which doesn’t rub or cause chafing. To do this, the material needs to be breathable and quick drying because without this the material will stick to the skin and begin to rub causing rashes and sores.

The best hiking underwear is made of natural materials such as merino wool or other (synthetic materials) such as polyester or nylon. In order to add to the durability of natural materials nylon fibres are often added.


The best hiking underwear should use flatlock seams because they offer great comfort. This is different from normal seams. This is because normal seams can chafe your skin by rubbing against it repeatedly. 


Underwear which is antimicrobial will remain fresh and useable after days of use. The fabrics used in hiking underwear such as Merino wool have natural properties embedded within the fabrics. Other fabrics will have antimicrobial properties added to the production phase. The benefit of this for hikers is that they are able to pack lighter and conserve space by reducing the amount of underwear they need to take with them on the trail. In addition to this, if you end up hiking for an extended period of time you can relax about whether you are letting off any bad odours. 


Hiking underwear should be machine washable and maintain its properties after regular washing. For the best results wash on a cold heat or wash by hand. The quick dry capabilities of the fabric makes them ideal to wash (and try) whilst camping.


We would always recommend boxer style underwear briefs. They offer a tight fit and effective get rid of perspiration from the skin to the outer layers. The tight fit also protects a larger area of skin from chafing. A top tip is that if you do suffer from extreme chafing of the thigh muscle area then wearing long boxer briefs will offer support and protection which allows you to enjoy your hike in greater comfort.

Conclusion - Best Hiking Underwear

Hiking underwear is often forgotten when preparing for an adventure. Nevertheless, it is a vital piece of apparel. Given its proximity to sensitive areas of the body having the right clothing can offer support, comfort and increased performance. All of the option in this list have great properties and features. If you are after a great all-round product for use in winter and summer we recommend the Icebreaker Men’s Anatomica Boxers. The combination of fabrics offer great versatility whilst maintaining all of the great properties which you need for hiking underwear.  

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