Which Exercise Gives Explosive Power For Hiking Uphill

Are you wanting to know which exercise gives explosive power hiking uphill? The answer may shock you. In this article, we will get into the details of how muscles and respiration work to help you tolerate intense exercise. There is a load of nonsense on the internet when it comes to exercise so let me be honest from the beginning. How the body uses energy and oxygen to generate explosive power is extremely complex. Anyone who tells you differently is lying. Another common mistake people make is thinking explosive power is directly correlated to muscle mass – this is only partially true. The other part of the equation to achieving explosive power is building stamina. 

Explosive power relies on muscle mass and muscle strength. In order to generate muscle, you need to engage with weight-bearing exercise as well as some muscle conditioning within a gym. Let us be clear, having explosive power for activities such as hiking is not, in itself, as useful as having explosive power combined with endurance. This endurance will allow you to use and maintain your power over a more prolonged period. 

To have explosive power when hiking uphill you need to be providing your body, namely the muscles, with oxygen. The way our muscles utilises this fuel to work effectively is extremely complicated (look at the Krebe cycle). In evolutionary terms, there are two different sorts of metabolism which occurs in our body: anaerobic (without oxygen) and aerobic (with oxygen).

What is Aerobic Fitness? How Does It Affect Explosive Power?

Having good aerobic fitness means that muscles can work more effectively for a longer period of time. Without aerobic fitness, that explosive power is useless because you will not be able to sustain it for any period of time. Furthermore, If the oxygen demands of your muscles exceed the amount of oxygen you take you can get a build-up of lactic acid which causes cramp.

To improve your aerobic fitness you need to lead a healthy lifestyle (e.g. don’t smoke, have low cholesterol, don’t eat excess fat) and then improve the efficiency of your cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular system transports energy and oxygen to the places where it is needed (i.e. the muscles). The more efficient this is, the longer you will be able to sustain your physical activity. 

Imagine your body as a rocket. You need to have enough explosive power to lift off. To get this power you need fuel. In the body, this is glucose (sugar). You also need a way of burning fuel. If you can’t burn the fuel it just sits there and is no use and the rocket will not go anywhere. In order to burn the fuel, the rocket needs some form of catalyst. In the body, this catalyst is oxygen. Therefore, we must conclude that exercise which gives explosive power for walking uphill is not just about building muscle – it is also about improving your aerobic fitness.

How Do I Improve My Aerobic Fitness?

There are lots of theories on how to improve your aerobic fitness. To keep it simple, what you are wanting to do is increase your heart rate over a significant period. This needs to be done over weeks and months.

Building Tolerance

To build up tolerance you need to start off completing gentle, low impact exercises on a regular basis. Essentially you are trying to get your blood flowing. This could be done by walking or light jogging. This exercise should not leave you breathless or overly tired, although you may feel slightly stiff the next day. 

When undertaking this type of exercise, you are stressing your cardiovascular system. Your breathing should be really heavy, your pulse rate has increased and you won’t be able to sustain this for more than a couple of minutes (or less). Once you have hit your peak effort, you should then bring your heart rate down by jogging/walking – until you feel comfortable – this is your recovery period. It is important that you don’t just stop. You should then repeat the intense activity. This is a continuous cycle of intense exercise followed by recovery exercise. This exercise is about improving your fitness as defined by your recovery rate. After a few weeks, you will find that you can hit your peak effort point and then recover more quickly than when you started. 

As you improve your fitness you will be building muscle and burning fat. It won’t come as a surprise to learn that if you are overweight you will find it harder to have explosive power when walking up a mountain. This is because you are carrying more weight (just think, it is harder to run up a mountain with a backpack on; this is the same with body fat). As you train and build your cardiovascular fitness you should also be monitoring your diet. Too much fat and unhealthy foods will have a negative effect on your fitness. 

The added muscle you build whilst undertaking these exercises will also be of benefit to you. The muscles are the bodies levers. They propel you when you walk. They power your body into action. Developing and toning these muscles will add to that explosive power when hiking uphill. 

What is Anaerobic Metabolism? How Does It Affect Explosive Power?

Anaerobic metabolism is when our muscles burn energy without the use of oxygen. It occurs when the effort exerted by the muscles exceeds the amount of oxygen available. Anaerobic metabolism allows the body to continue working at high intensity for short periods of time. It is an evolutionary response which was used to help people escape predators (such as the Saber-toothed Tiger) and extreme dangers. If you are looking for explosive power to walk uphill you will require this ‘fail-safe’ body response so your body does not stop working when things get tough.

How Do I Improve Anaerobic Metabolism?

There are several exercises and routines which you can undertake to improve your anaerobic metabolism  These include heavyweight training, sprinting (running or cycling) and jumping. Basically, any exercise that consists of short exertion, high-intensity movement is an anaerobic exercise. Heavy weightlifting will add muscle mass and build resilience which will help you power uphill. 

Conclusion: Which Exercise Gives Explosive Power For Hiking Uphill?

When learning about which exercise gives explosive power for hiking uphill, there are two important things to remember. First, explosive power is a combination of strength and endurance – do not just focus on bulking up. Secondly, there is no quick fix for building explosive power. You must commit to a routine and build up slowly. Moreover, ensure you take rest days to aid the recovery of the muscles. Without recovery, you increase your chance of injury which would seriously setback your progress. 

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