The Ultimate Hiking Workout On Treadmill: 3 Great Workouts

Hiking can be hard! You need real stamina and a desire to get where you want to go, but the payoff is huge. From the endorphin rush to incredible, panoramic views it’s no wonder that hiking is endlessly popular. If you’re worried about literally getting left behind, why not give a hiking workout on treadmill a go! This will help to increase your endurance so you can be prepared and confident for all your hiking adventures! If you need any more information on the science behind getting that explosive hiking power – check it out here.

For beginner hikers, try this cardio workout

Its interval training that develops your heart, lungs, leg strength and endurance. You’ll need a mat and a treadmill.

First, you’ll need to warm up! Warm ups are very important as they help prevent pulled muscles and other injuries. Turn your treadmill on and set the incline to 15%. Walk for five minutes at 2.5 mph. Hop off the treadmill and do five gorilla squats, by bending over, grabbing your toes, putting your bum on the ground and then lifting it as high as you can. Do this five times. You should feel the stretch in your hamstrings. Repeat the warm up twice.

 Stop and have a quick drink. You’re ready to work out! Start off by walking at a 15% incline at 2mph for three minutes. Then do 15 squats (without weights). Get back onto the treadmill and jog at 15% incline at 4mph for another three minutes. Go back to the mat and do 20 walking lunges (like regular lunges but instead of straightening up between them you switch legs, like you’re walking).

You’re halfway through the workout! Catch your breath and have another drink if you need to.  Then put your treadmill at 30% incline and 2mph for three minutes. When you’re done try another 20 squats. Return to the treadmill and jog at 30% incline at 4mph for three minutes. Hop onto the mat and do 30 more walking lunges.

 To cool down, walk at 30% incline for five minutes at 2mph. Decrease the incline to 15% for another five minutes. Take some time to stretch, and then you’re all done!

For more beginner exercises, check out this article here.


Remember that every workout is better than the one that you don’t do

If you’re not feeling up to a huge amount of exercise but still want to do something, the next workout is perfect. It’s a low intensity hike that will help calm and refresh you. You’ll just need a treadmill.

 Get on the treadmill and put it on a 3% incline. Find a walking speed that you’re comfortable with and stick to it. Then, walk for 30 minutes. That’s all.

It can be nice to use this as a kind of meditation. Focus on your breathing and take slow, deep breaths- inhale for three paces, exhale for three paces, then do it again. Match your breaths to your stride to keep everything in time. This physically calms your body and lowers your cortisol levels, so it’s a good way to relax if you’re feeling stressed. Weather permitting, open a window so you’ve got lots of fresh air.

 If you would like to, try holding your arms above your head for one minute and then letting them hang by your side for four minutes. You can repeat this.

Would you like great core muscles?

Why not try our next workout! All you’ll need is a treadmill, weight bar and a mat. It’ll take between 45 minutes to an hour.

Core muscles are found in your pelvis, lower back, abdomen (abs) and hips. Developing them will help improve your balance and make other kinds of exercise easier.

To warm up, walk on your treadmill at an incline for 5-10 minutes. You should feel alert and prepared, but not breathless.

Next, get onto your mat and do 5-10 ‘supermans’ by lying on your stomach and raise opposing arms and legs. Switch side after each superman.

 Then get up and put the bar across your shoulders. Bend forward to about 90 degrees so your legs are in a standing position and your hips, torso and face are parallel to the floor. Make sure you’re engaging your core muscles. Make sure this isn’t hurting your back, and if you’re concerned then stop.

Repeat all of these steps three to four times. To cool down, walk on the treadmill and stretch.

Finally, try this workout to develop your speed

his is another simple one with no equipment other than a treadmill and proper clothes, but it’ll still raise your heart-rate and mean you’re less likely to get left behind when you’re out hiking! Why not put on your favourite upbeat music to keep yourself motivated and having fun?

To start with, put your treadmill on a 12-15% incline. Walk or jog for 10-15 minutes. Then, speed up but reduce the incline to 5-8% for another 10-15 minutes. Repeat twice or more, depending on your availability and fitness level.

The amount of calories you use on any of these workouts will vary (we have a handy calorie guide here). Remember to stay hydrated and eat a little more to replace the energy you’ve used up.

And you’re good to go! Have an amazing time hiking and take friends, family, dogs, photographs, picnics or leave them all behind and just enjoy some quality ‘me time’.


I have been a keen outdoorsman since the age of 5, being exposed to the wondrous mountains of the Lake District, UK. Hiking has become more than a hobby for me as I completed survival skills training and competed in endurance challenges across Europe.

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