Is Camping A hobby?

Camping is most certainly a hobby. Nowaday’s camping is primarily enjoyed by families and outdoor enthusiasts, as a way to spend the night outdoors, whether it’s inside a tent, RV, or a self-built shelter.

What is Camping?

Camping is a recreational exercise during which campers dwell temporarily outdoors in tents, shacks, or recreational vehicles.

Partakers leave developed or urban areas to spend time close to the natural environment and engage in activities they enjoy or merely enjoy the peace and beauty of nature.

Sleeping outdoors overnight must occur for the time spent in the wilderness to be considered camping and not just a day trip.

What is a Hobby?

Any activity you frequently do in your free time for enjoyment is considered a hobby.

Hobbies mainly include creative activities, collecting items of interest, or participating in sports and games. While hobbies can potentially earn you an income, they are exclusively for pleasure or to pass the time.

So, is camping a hobby?

is camping a hobby?

Based on the definition provided above, camping meets the criteria to be considered a hobby. People usually camp when they do not have to work.

Some campers cannot wait for time off from work to go camping either by themselves or with a group.

They camp exclusively for recreational purposes because camping itself or the activities camping facilitates provide them with enjoyment and fulfillment.

How Has Camping Changed?

In the past, camping was necessary for people embarking on a long journey by horse, wagon or foot. They would have to stop along the way so that they and the animals could eat before dusk and rest for the night.

Travelling in the darkness involved great danger due to poor visibility combined with the absence of proper roads. Wild animals, cold temperatures, and bad weather along the way posed additional threats.

Stopping and setting up a campsite allowed travelers to build a fire for heat and safety. They also used the fire to prepare meals. They would pitch tents to sleep in, and once morning light appeared, the travelers would pack up camp and resume the journey.

Camping back then was challenging, and activities like making a tent and chopping firewood were very physically demanding and required much technical expertise.

Technology revolutionized the camping industry by introducing specialized, easy-to-use, lightweight, durable, equipment and materials which make camping much more convenient.

Technology made camping much more appealing to more individuals; for them, camping is less work and more fun.

Tent camping requires some skill level and experience but recreational vehicles or RVs allow people who have never camped before to enjoy the benefits of nature and the great outdoors in the wilderness.

Some RVs come equipped with all the comforts of modern urban living; the larger models can comfortably house a family of four while smaller units come with tents or convenient sleeping customizations e.g. side awnings.

camping hobby RV

Why do people go camping as a hobby?

People camp for many reasons, my reason for camping? Because it’s a whole lot of fun. Whether I’m outdoors for backpacking, kayaking, or fishing. Being able to stay the night and relax away from the tech of modern life adds to the overall experience.


Even if you did not accompany your family on camping trips as a kid now is a great time to start this wonderful tradition. As the world becomes more modernized, people get increasingly disconnected from nature and lose appreciation for the gifts mother nature offers us daily.

If you start this new tradition, it will help to establish that appreciation. So go for it, future generations of your family will thank you for it.

Hunting, Fishing, or Watching Wildlife

Our natural environment provided complete sustenance for previous generations, and it can still do so today if done responsibly. If you hunt or fish, you can help control the population of several wild or invasive species which could alternatively be culled and wasted.

Catch and release hunting and fishing is a more humane option also available to you.

If you are not interested in hunting or fishing; then nothing beats observing flora and fauna in their natural habitat. You can watch bears, birds, deer, and even fish.

Animals in the wild behave differently from animals in captivity but rather than take my word for it, you should see for yourself.

Isolation or Socialisation

Camping is a great way to isolate yourself from people as well as technology. It is a great way to slow the pace down and get in touch with yourself and nature.

Solitude is exceptional therapy for people who work in stressful environments or live in densely populated areas with cramped accommodations.

Conversely, your mental health will benefit from a trip with friends and family. There is something special about sharing a natural experience that enables bonds to be made and cuts your stress levels.

In the wilderness, people disconnect from their devices, so they can be engaged in a conversation. Starting a camping hobby will help your mental health and overall wellness.

Survival skills

You develop your survival skills best when you spend time in the natural environment.

Quickly constructing a tent, navigating the area, fishing, hunting, and preparing food gives you the confidence to take on any challenge.

Having these skills also reassures you that you have an increased chance of surviving a worst-case scenario disaster.


We hope that this post has helped you answer is camping a hobby, we believe that everyone should take up camping as a hobby. Camping enables you to indulge in other activities you can best enjoy with extended stays in the wilderness like hunting, fishing, and observing wildlife.

Camping does wonders for your mental health and allows you to establish essential bonds with friends and family or find solitude and peace.

With advances in the camping gear industry camping is now much more manageable than you imagined.

There are different options to suit your skill, confidence, and experience level.

If you are brand new to camping, renting an RV is the easiest way to get started. Camping helps you connect with nature and find peace of mind so if you’re looking for a new hobby, you should think about camping.

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