When To Replace Mountain Bike Tires – Stay Safe

Mountain bike tires are not something to be messed with. You need to ensure they are in tip-top condition each and every time you go out on the trail. So, If you are searching for: when to replace mountain bike tires? We have you covered. In this article we are going to answer this question and much more.  

When to replace mountain bike tires? - Key Indicators

When checking your mountain bike tires, you will need to look out for various indications that they need replacing. Whilst you are here, why not check out our mountain bike guide for beginners

Is your tread worn?

If your tread is worn down you will need to replace your tires. Tread wearing down can be caused by many things such as riding over glass, stones or even breaking too fast (breaking too fast on any bike causes the wheel to stop moving, this means that one surface on the tire is creating contact with the ground causing flat spots on the tire).  The consequence of having a worn-down tread is a less traction between your wheel and the road. This could cause you to spin out and lose control whilst riding at high speeds, taking corners and braking.  

Is your tire flat?

Another indication that your tire needs a replacement is if it is flat. I can imagine everyone has encountered a flat tire at least once and therefore knows that sinking (frustrated) feeling. However, you should not worry because a flat tire is a straightforward fix that may only require a new inner tube or even a puncture repair kit. But you must be aware of the puncture’s infamous cousin. The slow puncture. These can be hard to spot but can be very dangerous. One way to find a slow puncture is to pump your bike tire up and let it sit for a while if you can feel or see that the tire has gone down is an indication that you most definitely have a slow puncture. You can quickly fix this with a puncture repair kit. 

Have you got bulging on your tire?

This next one if spotted must be fixed as soon as possible. Bulging on a tire can be caused by many reasons. For example, if your tire is damaged in one particular area, either it is a small rip to the tire which forces the inner tube outwards. Into the weak spot of the tire, this can cause a blowout or a flat tire. Due to the inner tube being exposed. Unfortunately, my mountain bike is suffering from this and the below is a picture I took the day of writing this article (coincident or what?).  

How long do mountain bike tires last?

How long a mountain bike tire last comes down to various factors.  The first consideration is what part of the world you live in. Hotter conditions can cause your bike tire to become soft and can even cause stress fractures if rapidly cooled.  

Another one is down to what you ride. The more extreme your riding style is the likely hood of you damaging your tire is higher, compared to if tire used in non-extreme conditions you could expect to get anywhere from 3,000 – 8,000 miles from your tire  

But to get the best possible mileage for your mountain bike tire to consider, buying a top brand of tire. The brands that I would recommend are Michelin, Continental or Maxxis tires. Choosing from any of these tires will give you the most bang for your buck, with this. Can come with a big price tag but no worries I have your back from personal experience, I’ve come to find that any store-bought tires will also get the job done, but you will expect to have to change these tires more often than there pricier. Counterparts. 

What is the effect of changing a mountain bike tire?

From personal experience, there is nothing better than getting a fresh new mountain bike tire. The effect of changing out your old tire for a new one can someday possibly save your life. Now here are some of the impacts. 

  • Helps Keeps you in control your bike. 
  • Makes your bike look new for any of you people that like to keep your bike looking fresh. 
  • Assists you on the technical parts of the trails.  
  • Will make your ride comfortable. 
  • Decreases the likelihood of an addict happening. 

What are the effects if i don't change my tire?

Firstly, if you are considering riding a bike with worn down tires, I will say that it is an absolute no brainer that you should change your tire. Now, if you get caught short out on the trail and cannot change your tire, you should be aware of the risks this puts you in as a rider (for the avoidance of doubt if you do get caught out make sure you walk you bike back down and don’t take the risk with riding it). 

One of the main dangers is that when you have no tread on your tires because when you go to break, you will lose control of your bike and spin out. The result of this could be fatal to a graze, but either way, it isn’t worth the risk. 

Another hazard you put yourself, by not changing your tire could be a blowout. (this can be due to a rip in the tire that leaves the innertube exposed) In a scenario where the inner tube is punctured if you are travelling at high speeds and you fall off, this could potentially cause hospitalizing damages to you. 

A protect which saved me time, money and (maybe) my job!

Now, there is a fantastic product which I love to use which could save you a small fortune. Below is my story of how it literally saved me time and money in an instant!  

One morning I was commuting to work and suddenly realized that my tire was getting flatter. So, I stopped and examined my tire and found I had a small piece of glass sticking out of it. I had recently fitted a new inner tube that included slime inside (slime is a product that is inside bike tires that is as a sealant to prevent the loss of tire pressure by plugging up the puncture). So, I pulled out the piece of glass, and this slime came rushing out and sealed up the puncture. Luckily, it left me with just enough tire pressure to get me to work, without this product, I most definitely would have been late to work; costing me time, money and possibly my job. 


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